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First Time Patients

First time patients receive $5 off.


Welcome to Tranquil Essence! We strive for customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide our patients with quality medicine. We ensure professional, discrete and safe deliveries to every patient. We are family owned and operated in Roseville, CA....


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    Tranquil Essence is one of only three delivery services and one dispensary that I use to stay up on my meds. They have great quality, decent prices, fast drivers and they open earlier than any other service I know of, allowing morning orders even during work days. If I was forced to submit one complaint it would be that their prices are about five bucks too high on most 1/8's. However when you consider that tax and delivery fees are included in the price, it really isn't too unreasonable. They also have accommodated me beyond their mandate on more than one occasion, going above and beyond to help me out. I would definitely rank them in the top three delivery services in the greater Sacramento area, as my order history reflects.

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    I love Tonya! She is awesome an help me out in a jam! Love how they are family oriented!

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    very good

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